Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phota Your Mota!

Moneysupermarket are running a competition called Phota your Mota, where they ask people to take a photo of a car that means something to you and explain why.

Our Volvo has been in our family for 20 years now, I decided to explain why I love it in the form of a poem and after that you will understand the picture!

Our Volvo

The gleaming Volvo sat there in shinning red
'New car, it's perfect' my Grandpa said.
Built to last for ever in 1992
And lasting is something it did do.

It took us on holidays and trips to Kent
The boot held everything, even the tent.
It's now well past its better days
And memories of it working begin to haze.

Independently the passenger seat slowly reclines
While the rest of the motor completely declines.
Fans blow hot air to keep the engine cool
The rain leaks in and forms a big pool

20 years on we are still so very fond
Even if our feet are in a giant pond
It's cared for these days by Grandpa and me
We hope and pray each year it passes its MOT!

3 blogger who I think would like to enter

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  1. Wow, looking at its paint job it doesn't look like a 20 years old car!