Monday, July 15, 2013

Money Supermarket Bucket List

Bucket lists are becoming ever increasingly popular from healthy people who don't want to spend old age with regrets to people like Alice Pyne, forced to cram a life time of joy and experiences into just a few short years. Both types of bucket list have the same aim though, to tick off all the things you would like to experience, before you become unable to do them. I too have a bucket list but its a little different, in fact I refer to it as 'my reverse bucket list'.

For many fortunate people, your teens and twenties are years alternating between the hard slog working and experiencing life itself. My experiences are some what different, at 17 I expected to learn to drive, instead the only 'vehicle' I used was the wheelchair which my parents pushed me flopped over in, the destination, the bathroom before returning to bed. My dream had been to spend my 18th birthday in New York, instead my day was like any other day, laying in bed feeling awful, balloons and a poster of New York in my bedroom being the only hint of what could or should of been. I'm 28 now and still in bed but better than some previous years. I'm in pain 24/7 with an array of horrible symptoms but I don't feel sorry for myself. Most of the time I escape into my imagination and walk through in my mind the adventures one day I will have. My bucket list is a reverse one, I dream of the things I will do when my body improves. The crisp white sand in Hawaii, ice skating in Central Park, going to a shop by myself, walking across my room, seeing the trees in all the seasons, so much I want to do.

Last year I ticked a big item off my Reverse Bucket List- I went to the Olympics! It's something I've always wanted to do and when they announced they were coming to London in 2005 I WAS going! I never imagined I would still be in bed by 2012 but I was, still this wasn't going to stop me. I told anyone and everyone I saw that I was going to the Olympics, reactions varied from sympathetic looks to looking at me like I was crazy. A discharge letter from hospital even said 'Vikki has said her goal is to go to the Olympics, this isn't possible due to *big list of physical challenges*, we will just have to wait and see how far she gets".
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This is how far I got! I did it! I chose the shortest of my favourite events and traveled in the car laying down and I made memories that will last a life time. It came at a cost, £50 ticket and 3 months in hospital completely paralysed but I WENT TO THE OLYMPICS!!!

The reason I am writing about my Reverse Bucket List is Money Supermarket have asked bloggers to write about budget bucket lists, so often when asked what someone's dreams are, the reply is always huge things like going to Australia or having a huge fancy wedding but dreams don't have to be expensive. In the spirit of this I am ticking off an item from my list today.
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An ice lolly with 2 sticks! It sounds silly I know but I've always wanted one but never actually had one. For years I didn't find any but have recently discovered these, so my double licker ice lolly dream costs 12p!

Money Supermarket also asked bloggers to share one of their big dreams from their list, the 'big one' on everyone's list, for me that dream is to make a snow angel in New York, today however I have one less item on my list and one more dream completed. Do you have a low cost dream you can make come true? I would love to hear about it.

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