Sunday, April 12, 2015


Heart Home magazine has teamed up with Betta Living to run a competition about readers bedroom styles.

I thought I knew my style until I went onto the Betta Living site and looked at the different style options. I liked so many, if only I lived in a mansion and could have one of each room style! In the end I decided upon ‘White Glass Teen Range’. I love how bright and open it would make even the smallest of bedrooms feel. Its minimalistic and I like that I could frequently change the colour scheme and feel of the room with accessories.

I selected a bed called Metis from the Betta Living site as I felt it fitted into the minimalistic look well. For Christmas a friend gave me a butterfly garland which I would wind around the metal frame as Im very into butterflies. I would add a pop of colour to the room with coloured throws, and Ive selected a few different ones to change seasonly. I chose metal handle 10 as I think they fit in with the bed well.

Watching tv in bed on a Sunday morning is one of my guilty pleasures but often I think a television set ruins the look of a room. Betta Livings pop up TV solves that problem and I would feel a little James Bond like operating it!

My greatest shopping weakness is shoes and I’ve always dreamt of a walk in wardrobe where I can display the shoes in an organised way instead of just throwing them in the bottom of a cupboard. As I don’t live in an episode of Sex and the City nor own a giant house I’m not going to have a walk in wardrobe but this shoe organiser from Betta Living is a fantastic compromise. I can pull it out and sigh happily looking at my shoes and they won’t get damaged either. The other storage item from Betta Living I would like is a pull down hanging rail. I’m a wheelchair user and currently have to ask someone if I want something off my top rail, the pull down rail is a great idea for anyone but would give me greater independence.

The other piece of furniture I selected was this very comfy looking buttoned loved seat in cream. It looks great to curl up in and read a good book and talking of books I found these 2 cushions with my favourite quotes from Harry Potter on ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only someone remembers to turn on a light’ and ‘It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities’.

So this is my bedroom style, check out my Pinterest board to see the items in more detail and where you can get them from. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Will you vote?

Someone asked me if I plan to vote in the general election. This picture says everything I would reply with

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Friday, April 3, 2015

The perfect weekend in London with Royal Garden Hotel and Tots100

I'm lucky to live less than an hour outside of London and yet our family has done very few of the usual tourist site seeing that there is to be done.

Asked by Tots 100 to imagine what you would do if you won a 5* weekend break in the beautiful Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. It got me thinking-how to decide when there are so many things to do?!

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I think we would be up early and go and look at some of the exhibits at the Science Museum and have lunch there. It's free to get in and the lunches there are restaurant quality. Afterwards we would head over the Roof Gardens (high above Kensington High Street), it's so hard to believe your on a roof when your looking at a giant tree or admiring Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks the resident flamingos. The Roof Gardens are also free.

With the money saved we would splash out on some tickets to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the evening. Royal Garden Hotel is so well situated for a wide range of things to see and do and being close to a tube station it's easy to travel all over London.

Before turning in for the night we would have a 'Midnight' feast inspired by the wonderful chocolates and sweets Mr Willy Wonker made in the show.

After all the dashing around London the previous day we would stop and enjoy the wonderful facilities Royal Garden Hotel has to offer. From the luxury bedrooms to relax in with fantastic views, the spa or beautiful grounds- all perfect to enjoy a chilled out day and escape from hectic City life.

We would go home refreshed, happy and with a hundred happy memories to treasure

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