Friday, June 27, 2014

Idea for cotton candy /candyfloss

I love it when you have an idea and it actually turns out like you pictures.

Presenting my jazzed up candyfloss /cotton candy /angel hair
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Presenting birthday tickets to Harry Potter Studio tour

For Mums birthday I gave her an IOU for tickets to tour the Harry Potter set. She's wanted to go for ages but felt guilty as I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but too ill to even consider going. As I didn't have the actual tickets to give her I did a special letter instead.

I've not tea bag stained anything since I was at school but used a wet tea bag to make a piece of paper look like parchment, while still wet I sprinkled a few grains of coffee on. Then I wrote in green pen as Dumbledore himself wrote in green and added a red seal with a H on the back. On the front it had Mums name and our address but with 'master bedroom' added.

The letter said;

To Mrs D George

Happy Birthday. You are invited to Hogwarts. Sadly you are past the age limit to be a student, your too tall to be a house elf and have CSE's instead of OWLs so can't be a teacher.

Due to this we are inviting you following a bribe from Vikki. You will walk down Diagon Alley, enter the Great Hall and see Hogwarts from dawn to dusk.

Vikki will also bribe us to give you the devices to hear about what your seeing,

Enjoy your visit,

A Dumbledore

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Friday, June 6, 2014

My Sheflie!

Move over selfies because here come the Sheflies!

Victoria Plum are helping you find your home style with a fab quiz (my house style icon is Joey Essex according to the quiz), you can take the test yourself here, it will help you Selb up your own Shelfies – and win £250 in the process!

Victoria Plum and Tots100 are also asking people to take a picture of a shelf (shelfie!) and write about it, so without further ado here is my big shelf;

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I have a big shelf in our garage
Which I filled at the start of our marriage

My subconscious must worry about BO
As I've 34 deodorants stacked high to low

Cherry blossom is my choice of smell
Created by 5 litres of shower gel

Whitening toothpaste to make teeth shine
Simon Cowl's have nothing on mine

I'm a bargain hunter not a hoarder
Now off to get my shelfie in order!