Friday, June 6, 2014

My Sheflie!

Move over selfies because here come the Sheflies!

Victoria Plum are helping you find your home style with a fab quiz (my house style icon is Joey Essex according to the quiz), you can take the test yourself here, it will help you Selb up your own Shelfies – and win £250 in the process!

Victoria Plum and Tots100 are also asking people to take a picture of a shelf (shelfie!) and write about it, so without further ado here is my big shelf;

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I have a big shelf in our garage
Which I filled at the start of our marriage

My subconscious must worry about BO
As I've 34 deodorants stacked high to low

Cherry blossom is my choice of smell
Created by 5 litres of shower gel

Whitening toothpaste to make teeth shine
Simon Cowl's have nothing on mine

I'm a bargain hunter not a hoarder
Now off to get my shelfie in order!


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