Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Works, didn't work and won't be buying anything from them again

In the past I've spent a lot of money with The Works both from myself and my charity. Every Christmas there are several gifts under the tree from The Works website. Or that should say there was and there won't be this year or again.

Last year I ordered lots of cuddly toys on a bogof offer. I ordered lots in the same range but apparently that doesn't count so I didn't get the discount. Add to this I would of got 4 of each but they only 1 or 3 in stock of each item thus meaning you never got your free one. I've noticed this before and been suspicious. Low and behold the offer ended and the very next day they were back in stock. Very dodgy!

Still I went and did a big Christmas order, lots of different things, some better value than others, or rather they would of been if half ever turned up! Seriously 50% if not more of the items were never received (but I was charged). I patiently waited for my other items but aside my tub of candyfloss arriving around 2 weeks later, the rest never turned up, nor was a refund issues.

When the candyfloss did arrive it was in a huge box with lots of packaging holding it completely secure, I found this odd seeing as I had ordered 4 garden candles (glass candle holder on a long stick), and they decided to packaging them with just one small layer of bubble wrap and brown paper, who thinks that is enough to protect glass? As soon as they arrived you could hear at least one was broken, upon opening (and showering little bits of glass everywhere while doing so) I found all 4 were completely smashed, they weren't at all repairable and had to be thrown.

I emailed but my items were never sent or refunded and a year on of course nothing has been done. I would of rung head office or written to them but as some of you know I had just come home from a really long hospital stay and wasn't well enough to be doing so (which is why it tired to do all my Christmas shopping in one place, shame I chose The Works).

In conclusion I won't be giving another penny to The Works and good luck with getting discount offers or your items, let alone items in one piece!

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