Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cut coins, a unique gift

My Grandpa collects coins so when I came across cut coins for the first time I was excited to of found something for him (he insists every year he wants 'an empty box'.

If like me you have never heard of them then they are normal coins which someone has taken a very fine drill too. You can get ones with lovely designs cut into them but by far my favourite are the ones that stick to the design of the coin. I went for the ship £1 coin.

From some sellers you can choose which year you would like so I went for 1951, the year my Grandparents got married. The little loop on the top is so cord can be threaded through and the coin worn. My grandpa doesn't aspire to be Del Boy so won't be wearing it but he can hang it up to display. After I brought it my Dad pointed out how similar it is to the symbol for our village, I shall pretend I thought of this all along!

There are lots of people on Facebook, Ebay and Etsy doing them, I am told they are quite common now at Christmas markets too.

I got mine from here for £21 including postage, to my surprise it arrived in a matter of days and I'm very pleased with the quality.

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