Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ann Summers underneath LBD competition- my outfit

Ann Summers are holding a blog competition asking people to style an outfit to complete a great LBD look this Christmas. I knew I had to enter as I love nothing more than a LBD. I own way too many and try not to look at new ones on websites but the competition is a great excuse to do some virtual shopping (chances are it will fall into my basket though).

First up is the dress itself, I headed straight to ASOS as they have so many beautiful dresses. In the end I went for this beautiful dress. I love the lace detailing on it, attracting your eye to your upper chest (rather than wobbly bits) and I think the skirt will move beautifully when on the dance floor.

We all know that we feel more confident when wearing beautiful undies. The lace detailing on the dress means a strapless bra is needed and if I'm honest I associate strapless bras with being plain and rather ugly. After looking through all the beautiful lingerie Ann Summers has on their website I realised how wrong I had been! I selected this beautiful strapless bra. I love the black lace over the red, classy and far from boring! I really like bras that give you a good shape and that's something it does as well as being multiway so I could wear it under various other LBDs hanging in my wardrobe without the need for different underwear.

Ann  Summers has matching knickers (plus a suspenders belt), the front is really pretty but they are a thong which I personally don't like wearing. Instead I would go for these nice plain black briefs, they are my favourite style and I think being plain black would actually really show the bra detail off very well. Plus they have £17 off right now- bargain!

I would normally reach straight for my usual thick black tights but when putting this outfit together I decided to try hold ups instead. Again Ann Summers have a great range, I really love the fishnets with a bow design up the back but with the lace on the skirt I don't think they would go well (although I'm tempted to buy them for another outfit!). I selected these glossy black hold ups with lace (which won't be seen under the dress).

I can never understand how girls can fit everything they need into a regular clutch bag, I probably could fill a suitcase every time I leave the house but for the sake of fashion and practicality I will buy this over sized gem covered clutch from Accessorize.

I wouldn't wear a necklace but I would wear diamond solitaire earrings (a girl can dream, if not I shall wear my fake ones!) and team it with my Swarovski tennis bracelet which I was lucky enough to be given for my birthday. I also have a few twist in diamant├ęs to add a little sparkle to my hair.

Last but far from least are the shoes. I LOVE heels, I don't think I have ever worn a LBD with flats! I think these gem peep toes would tie all the assesoriese and outfit together.

Now my outfit is planned, where to go??

This is my entry into the Ann Summers Underneath the Little Black Dress competition

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