Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel Supermarket Holiday Postcard Competition

I thought of writing about the holidays I went on in my early teens, where I saw the holiday through grown up eyes, then I stumbled on a very old photo. The photo is of 5 year old me (so in 1990) in Gran Canaria watching my Mum, Dad and 2 family friends come down a big water slide, despite how young I was at the time, I remember watching and thinking about how I would go down the slide myself one day when I was big. Life seems so simple at that age, full of innocence and joy.

This small disjointed memory started to call up other ones from the holiday, sure, I know lots about the 2 weeks away as my parents have told me about it but these are the holiday memories of 5 year old me;

-Decorating a turtle with glitter glue (Mum said I was part of the Turtle kids club)
-Sitting on a camel and feeling a bit unsure as it got up off the ground
-The camels walking in a long line, I had Dad on one side and Mum on the other.  Unfortunately Mum now understands the meaning of the phrase 'bladder like a camel' as the one in front weed on Mums foot, she was stuck and couldn't go anywhere and I just watched this river of camel wee wash over Mums foot! I can still see it like it was yesterday!
-Family friend who was crafty dressed me up in yellow tissue paper to form a canary, I then had a ribbon saying "Miss Gran Canary"
-My Dad and 2 teens who were with us all wearing bright bermuda shorts
-Feeling very happy.

So there are my holiday memories from 5 year old me :)  

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