Friday, August 9, 2013

Favourite childhood travel memory

Everyone's childhood is different, I'm one of those very lucky people when asked to recall a happy childhood memory I find it near impossible to narrow it down from years of everyday happiness.

Buntlins are asking people though to recall their favourite childhood holiday memory, I'm finding it so tough to decide!

My grandparents had a little bungalow in Norfolk and I used to go there all the time either with my grandparents or my parents. I loved everything about Norfolk but the county border didn't mean anything to me, we finally arrived in Norfolk (in my mind) once we came over the big hill and could see the sea and windmill in Weighbourne, the excitement was huge and we were here!

Another memory is from when we went to Tenerife, I was very much a water baby (as a toddler my favourite thing in the world would be to be thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool with my armbands on) and so water features heavily in happy memories! As soon as we put our stuff down in our apartment after arriving I would be desperate to get into the pool, asking again and again if we can go yet. I loved that pool. In the evening I would go to the kids disco and dance my feet off, I can still remember all the moves to 'Star Trekking' and the words to 'crocodile marching'.

As tough as it is to pick one favourite, my all time best childhood holiday memory is the sheer pleasure you feel as you jump into the pool for the first time.

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