Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wine box simply decorated

My Dad was given a posh bottle of wine for Christmas which came in this lovely wooden box and full of golden shred.

I kept the box with plans to use it next Christmas (and the year after and again and again!) but I'm meant to be decluttering and although it's lovely, will I miss it? The answer was mostly no so I decorated it and am going to hide lots of little gifts inside for a family I'm seeing next week.

I love colouring in with gel pens, especially colouring in peels offs, it's very therapeutic. I used some gold peel offs (to match the gold shred) and just coloured them in. I don't use expensive pens as I don't have any but my Asda kids ones work well and the last pack I had included a mixture of glitter and non glitter so I had 2 different golds to do the acorns and squirrel with.

For how simple it was to do, I'm pleased with the result :)

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