Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thinking of buying a toothbrush as a gift?

I was searching around the Internet looking for gift ideas for this Christmas and ended up on Wilkos (who do some lovely Christmas bits). Under the 'Gifts for Her' category I saw an entire section dedicated to toothbrushes.

My dear readers, if your thinking of buying an electric toothbrush for Christmas then I implore you to watch Rhod Gilbert's stance on them.

Last year someone Dad was working with in Central London made the long journey to Blue Water after work to select a present for his wife. His guessed it an electric toothbrush. Dad suggested watching the video and getting something else to go with it!

Ps)Only other fans will understand why my parents couldn't stop laughing in baggage reclaim when a luggage handle (not attach to a suitcase or bag anymore) was going around and around!

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