Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crafty gifts, making presents and finishing abandoned projects

I'm having a crafty week and trying to finish lots of things I've started over the past couple of years but never got that far. First up is peg magnets, I've stuck ribbon along the peg with PVA and once dried I've added an embellishment of some kind (what ever I have, I've not brought anything new) and then have stuck a strong magnet on the back with glossy accents. The magnets were very cheap on ebay. When finished I plan to clip some on a piece of card (maybe with a message on) and then in cellophane for gifts. It's an easy thing to make but I'm surprised at how much time and energy they have taken. Next I've been sewing cute little bells onto ribbon. Studio 24 sell nice bauble storage boxes (£3.99 this year, last year they were £2.27 so I'm hanging on to see if they reduce), they do the job but are very plain, just green with red trim. I've taken some red gingham ribbon I already had and brought some tiny bells from ebay (£1 for 100 multicoloured) and have sewn them on. Once I've got the storage boxes I will glue the ribbon across it. I did this last year and was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. I've also been doing some painting this week. Painting is not a skill I have, that's an understatement! A family friend works for the local disabled children's respite centre and made clay shapes for the kids to paint and be sold but they ran out of time. I offered to paint as they only have to be at the standard of a young child, now that is something I can do (although I'm sure a lot of 3 year olds can do better than me!). I painted them with glaze so hopefully the colours will be prettier and shiny once out of the kiln. So that's my crafty week, Christmas is fast approaching so it's time to get prepared to avoid last minute stress (and last minute relapses in my case).

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  1. Well your painting skills look fine to me, bet once they are glazed they will look fab.