Sunday, October 13, 2013

Christmas idea for kids who stop believing in Santa / Father Christmas

Christmas to me is all about the magic, be it the type of magic which gets Father Christmas around the world in one night or the type of magic which brings strangers and families together and when most people go that little bit further than normal to be friendly.

It's sad when kids no longer 'believe' or are at that stage when they know but ask their parents for confirmation. It's awkward and I've seen a letter gain popularity, it's long and very wordy, plus very American. Nothing wrong with American (nearly all the gifts I want to get my family are all on American sites) but it goes on and on about Santa being a spirit and a feeling, I think for things like this short and sweet is best. I saw someone on a forum who said she told her child there are magic believers and magic makers in the world, now as they no longer believed they were instead a maker. I've taken this idea a step further (and will be entering it into MSE Festive Fiver competition if they do it this year).

Here is my idea.....

Name- Your a magic maker.
Cost - Free

For children who no longer believe in Father Christmas, tell them that in the world there are magic believers and magic makers, they used to be a believer but now it's time for them to become a secret magic maker. Give them a little token for becoming a Maker, anything from a little badge to a shiny pebble. Then working together come up with some ideas for creating magic, it could be snowy footsteps from FC for a younger sibling to see when they wake up or doing something anonymously for a stranger. Not only does it take the sting out of no longer believing but it helps keep FC real to younger siblings and makes the older child feel really special.

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