Thursday, October 10, 2013

Christmas hot chocolate cones - gift idea

My first Christmas idea is hot chocolate cones, they aren't expensive to make but if presented nicely make a fab gift. They can be given to friends, family and kids either as a Christmas present or a 'night before Christmas' gift (making Christmas Eve that little more special).

You need:
Cellophane cones from ebay
Hot chocolate (I use cadburys)
Candy canes or North Poles (the same as candy canes but straight)
Mini Marshmallows
Some ribbon

Take some nice hot choc and spoon it into a cellophane, I like to use around 4 tablespoons so it's just over half full, then twist the top and tape it down before cutting off any excess. Slip this into another cone (of the same size), pour on mini marshmallows (you can add some edible glitter if you have some), this is the secret to a good looking chocolate cone other wise the powder and marshmallows will mix). Twist and tie the top with ribbon. Curl the ribbon and then make a tiny cut in the middle of the ribbon at the bottom and then tare it so you end up with 2 strands of curly ribbon, much prettier than the normal way of doing it. Next you need to cellotape the candy cane to the front of the cone. Print a label with instructions of how much hot chocolate to add to milk/water. An alternative to this is adding a poem called 'snowman soup' (just google it) but I'm not keen on the poems and I prefer the cone to look simple and stylish without having paper with the poem attached.

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