Monday, April 7, 2014

Mark Warner Holiday Travel Challenge

Mark Warner are asking bloggers for their top 5 family holiday tips. I thought I would do my entry slightly differently and share 5 special holiday things my parents did which have formed very happy memories.

1) Journeys made easier by entertaining things not normally used. I never had magazines as a child (and later puzzle books) except when we were traveling, it seemed like a huge treat and helped pass the time. When traveling why not put together a box of activities your child doesn't normally have access too. Even better wrap up each activity and put a time on it, every hour a child gets to open the gift and find out the activity, it stops the child doing everything at the start then getting bored and adds to the excitement.

2) Throw yourself into activities even if you feel self conscious. Your never going to see the other holiday makers again and kids love nothing more than adults being silly and fun!

3) Have a holiday countdown. You can also do activities leading up to the holiday, whether this is painting Mickey Mouse shapes on Tshirts if your going to Disney or learning about the country your going to.

4) Let your child have their own camera. Whether this is an old phone of yours or a disposable one, kids love to take their own photos and feel grown up.

5) Most of all RELAX, now is not the time to worry about bed times or sugar intake, relax and have fun!

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Watching my Dad in his silly fun Bermuda shorts which he would never wear at any other time!

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