Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Wise Blogger

Dear Wise Bloggers,

The Internet is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people who use technology and networking to make a difference. I will always remember a boy called Seth, he was American and having a bone marrow transplant, during which he became extremely ill. Seth's doctors tried everything but nothing worked, they said there was one drug left which hadn't been tried but they were unable to source it. Seth's Mum mentioned this on her blog and strangers decided they would do all they could to find this drug and get it to Seth. Someone managed to locate it but it was on the other side of the USA, like clogs turning together these strangers transported it themselves, a pilot flew it as far as he could and then a chain of people drove it as far as they could before handing it over to the next person and so on until the drug made it to Seth. Truly amazing.

The Internet can also be a very dark place, full of scumbag people who use technology for their personal gain. Tots100 are asking bloggers what their biggest Internet fear is. My fear is being conned, either personally or my loved ones. It's so easy to click on a convincing link and as I do all shopping online I frequently type my card details into sites. Not only is there the risk of losing money to these scams, the impact often leaves people embarrassed and ashamed. The site Think Jessica breaks my heart, it shows how these people don't just get into your bank account but into your mind too and the devastating effect it can have on both the person scammed and their loved ones.

The Internet is a wonderful place but stay safe,

With best wishes,

Fellow blogger

This post is my entry into the
Check and Secure challenge
. For more advice on family safety online, see Mums on Security.

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