Thursday, December 12, 2013

A welcoming living room

We like our house to feel welcoming, where guests can put their feet up on the sofa and help themselves to drinks.

This Christmas we will make our living room festive and welcoming.

Firstly people would walk over the Deer Forest Turtle Mat so they know they are going into a Christmas loving household and also to protect our carpet (they do a much better job than all the 'novelty' mats I've seen). When the door to the living room is open the first thing they see is the big 7 foot Christmas tree we have every year. They will be invited to take a seat on the sofa which is jazzed up with beautiful gingerbread men cushions and given a festive throw to snuggle under before being served hot chocolate in snowmen mugs. The lighting will be soft, a mixture of tree lights and candles. If talk turns to the tree we will ask our guests to try and find the chocolate baubles to eat, with a 7 foot tree and hundreds and decorations it's not easy! When it's time to go they will be given a small gift from under the tree, a token gift to pass on the Christmas spirit.

I designed a mood board, I hope you like it, what do you do to make a place feel welcoming?

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