Saturday, May 16, 2015

My experience of having a Groshong Line inserted (similar to a Hickman line)

I've never understood the compulsion some seem to experience when someone they are talking to says they are pregnant. Suddenly every horror story that person has ever heard seems to come to mind and they have to tell the pregnant person about their cousins friends traumatic birth.

The compulsion doesn't limit itself to pregnancy though, the Internet is full of horror stories about anything or everything, I was reminded of this when I googled 'blog groshong insertion'. I'm not dismissing people's experiences but only negative things came up which is why I'm posting. Sorry to any regular blog readers but I wanted to put my little bit on the Internet for the next person who turns to the net for information.

Last week I had a Groshong line inserted, some sites seem to switch between the term Hickman line and Groshong but I see the Groshong as a Hickmans baby cousin (very technical!).

The day before I watched the whole procedure on YouTube (here if your interested), I personally like to know what is being done and what to expect but best avoided if your squeamish.

I was given sedation in theatre which didn't do anything but it didn't matter as it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I could feel everything sensation wise but the local meant I didn't feel any pain. I knew what was being done by matching the sensation with what I had seen on YouTube. In less than 15 minutes I slide across onto the trolley myself and was moved to recovery, with IV antibiotics running through the canular and soon after a bag of saline through the new line. I was feeling fine, wide awake and in no pain. After a little while I was moved to a ward for 30min obs for a few hours before being allowed home. Both the neck site and line site stung a little by the time I was on my way home but it was minor and I've had far more painful blood tests before. 

Since being home the hardest thing is not having full movement due to the stitches (it kept bleeding when I moved) and pressure areas from not being able to lay on my side (I'm in bed 95% of the time).

Since I started writing this I've had the stitches out and I'm impressed with how discrete the line is.

Picture after I came back from theatre
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3 days after having the Groshong line inserted
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8 days later, the stitches are out
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