Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions
-Improve my diet, especially less sugar
-Write more
-Wasteless time and energy online
-Try and see more people but over do it less when I see them
-Continue to declutter with Mum and Dad
-Do more creative things/craft
-Send a card to everyone for their birthday instead of enclosing it with their Christmas gift
-The biggest is 'Hannah-Esquing', you know how some over weight people have a 'diet buddy' to encourage each other, well my fab friend Jessica (click her name to see the Daily Mail article about her) to rest rest rest and pace pace pace. The name inspired by the very inspiring
(click on her name then scroll) who achieved what we want more than anything- to get better, for pain and suffering to become a distant memory rather than a torturous reality.

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