Saturday, October 12, 2013

Benefits of coconut oil and oil pulling experiment

Tomorrow I'm starting oil pulling, it's simply swirling oil around your mouth for a while in the morning. It claims to have all sorts of positive results, detoxing your liver and boosting your metabolism. I confess I'm very sceptic of this, hopefully I'm wrong but I'm certainly not doing it for those 'benefits'. If your interested in the claims then this website is informative

For me though I have problems with my mouth, from lots of tooth decay (thank you 10 years of daily vomiting and being housebound so not able to visit the dentist), one tooth has even broken off and only has the route, currently I have a nice big abscess above it. Aside this my mouth is frequently filled with red sores and ulcers, I've been prescribed steroids to use as a mouthwash but I'm trying to be more natural and after reading the benefits of coconut oil I've decided to give it a go.

There is a brilliant article here which explains the benefits and different ways of using it. I plan to start with a small amount as it's expensive and look for a cheaper supplier of it while still making sure it's good quality. It's meant to be great for cooking with (although high in calories), some people just eat it off the spoon (it's solid at room temperature but melts in the mouth) and my friend starts his day with a spoonful in a cup of coffee to hide the taste. I've ordered mine from Ocado, there's a few different ones which cost between £2-£4 for 100grams.

I'm sure having oil in my mouth will be weird at first but fingers crossed it helps!

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